The Australian Karate Academy was founded by Sensei Bob McMahon, 7th Dan, in 1989 with schools based in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.  The AKA have specialised classes and programs designed for Kids, Teenagers, and Adults. We teach Seito Karate Seitokukai (Original Traditional Karate) under the guidance of Sensei Mitani Kazuya in Chiba, Japan.

Students learn original karate fundamentals for self-defense – strikes, kicks, stand up grappling, throws, takedowns, joint manipulation, vital point attacks, and kobudo. As well as old style karate, we are also experts in competition karate producing many state, national and international champions.

Our instructors are highly qualified, having trained and taught karate for many years.


The AKA is able to offer high quality programs to suit the whole family including:

All of our martial arts Brisbane classes and programs offer a TRIAL CLASS membership so that you can be sure that you have made the right decision. For more information on how to get fitter and learn practical self-defense, check out our programs page or contact Cheyne McMahon, 5th Dan, directly on 0403 350 339.