I came across this little gem….


Here is a blurb about the upcoming film –

“The Japan Karate-Do Federation in Mission Viejo, California is the Shoto-Kan dojo where five competitors’ Ashley West, Giavanna Caputo, Ashley King, Cole Miles and Tommy King prepare for the biggest tournament of the year. A true story that pulls you into their private lives while they share the pressure of competition, plus who their prime opponents are from other dojos across the United States. The challengers reveal their extreme training along with dedicated work ethic to be number one. All the contenders convey their weaknesses and strengths in Karate, and struggle to overcome them before encountering their rivals at this intense competition. One common dream and a fight to the end where anyone can take home, or defend the title of National Karate Kid Champion.”

It looks really well made, even though it is a documentary it is being billed as “the REAL karate kid”.

It is supposed to be released in the US in late October, and hopefully Australia not long after that, depnding on how much money it makes. I really do hope to comes to Australia and will be sure to take a group along to watch!


Cheyne McMahon


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