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Congratulations to those who graded…

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Congratulations to those who graded…


Today the AKA held the 2nd Enbu (performance demonstration) at the Coorparoo Dojo at 9am. Although it was a small grading, it was fantastic to see the progression in the different ranks. Kindy Karate students were first up with some punching, kicks, and fitness. Next up were the Kids Karate novice class demonstrating Taikyoku Dai, and then kumite by the advanced students. Team AKA gave a small glimpse into what they practise in their class, with Nic Berry performing Pinan Nidan, and then Nic and Flynn Ballantyne doing kumite with their new face masks and chest guards. Gary Hutchins then finished off with our version of Rohai.

The AKA has a different philosophy when looking at students to grade. We assess a students progress and ability for 2 weeks during their regular class. rather than watch them on a Friday night for an hour. This gives the instructors a more consistent view on the students strong points and where they can improve. We believe this is a much fairer grading process, and the feedback has been nothing but positive.

A big congratulations to those who were successful, and look forward to seeing you at the next Enbu!

James Stanley (9th Kyu) Zac Newton (9th Kyu) Luca Biskupovic (9th Kyu) Mackenzie Bartle (8th Kyu) Jack Dunbar (8th Kyu) Kailan Hincks (8th Kyu) Pacey Dun (7th Kyu) Nic Berry (5th Kyu) Maddie Graham (4th Kyu) Max Dang (4th Kyu) Jamaica McNamara (3rd Kyu) Eliaz Simon (3rd Kyu) Liam McMahon (3rd Kyu) Ben Kruger (2nd Kyu) Grace Kruger  (2nd Kyu) Flynn Ballantyne (2nd Kyu) Jack Wright (2nd Kyu) Gary Hutchins (2nd Kyu)


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