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Results from QKA 2012 Summer Championships

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Results from QKA 2012 Summer Championships

Last Sunday Team AKA competed in the QKA Summer Championships at Crestmead. This was the first competition of the year for Team AKA, and the first competition under the QKA. Team AKA did well considering there were new rules, more clubs, and a higher quality of standard. Below are results from Team AKA -

Nic Berry – Gold Medal 10 years kumite, and performed well in kata and was unlucky not to progress to the 3rd round.

Khoa Nguyen – Silver Medal 12/13 years Kata, Silver 13 years kumite – Great work!

Oscar Kawamata – Was very unlucky not to progress to the 2nd round of kata as drew the competitor who ended up winning the division.

Hugo Kawamata – Silver Medal 14/15 years Kata, Silver 15 years kumite – Excellent effort.

Karleen Hannington – Silver in women’s over 60kg kumite – Did very well in kata, but drew the current Australian champion in the 3rd round! Best performance of the day.

Cheyne McMahon – Lost first round in men’s kata, but performance was good.

Kim Batemean – Unfortunately pulled out of women’s kata due to illness. Worked on the tables on Sunday helping out officials. THanks Kim!

Paul Bateman – 3rd Men’s over 80kg kumite – excellent work Paul.

Chris Hannington – Lost first round in men’s 73 – 80kg kumite but put up a good showing and tried hard.

Sean Hannington – Also lost first round in men’s 73 – 80kg kumite but was very unlucky not to progress.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Well done to all who competed. There are some fantastic action shots in the gallery. You should all be very proud. I am sure you showed them what the AKA can do!

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