We do our grading system and analysis a little different to most clubs. Instead of doing gradings for 1 – 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon, we evaluate the students performance for 2 weeks and then let them know if they have passed, or need a little work on a particular area. We then hold a Belt & Certificate Presentation and Demonstration Day on Sunday mornings. This is open to all kids and adults who have passed and they get to demonstrate to family and friends what they have been learning.The Black Belts also get to demonstrate their skill level. We cover –

Basic Punches and Strikes solo and on strike shields, focus mitts, and bags

Karate Kata and Competition Kata


Joint locks, escapes, wrist locks, and 2-person drills

Kobudo Kata and 3-person drills

The reason behind the change to the grading system is we felt it was a fairer way to evaluate the student. I have seen many times in our dojo, and other dojo, that if a person is unwell on the day of the grading, obviously they aren’t showing the examiner the best of their abilities. We feel our new system is a much fairer and more evenly balanced.

Good luck to everyone!

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