Australian Karate Academy

The Australian Karate Academy was founded in Brisbane in 1989, by Bob McMahon, 7th Dan. Sensei Bob is a former Physical Education Teacher and has trained seriously in karate since 1970, and opened his own branch on the Sunshine Coast from 1978 to 1987, and then in Brisbane from 1987 to the present. Today the club is run by the McMahon family, and together currently have three dojo in Australia – Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide.

The AKA are affiliated with Seito Karate Seitokukai (Original Traditional Karate) in Chiba, Japan and teach Koshinkan Karate (Old-Style Karate and modern sports-style Karate).

Our Old-Style Karate syllabus contains strikes, kicks, knees, throws, joint manipulations, weapons, vital area attacks, strangles, chokes, body conditioning etc. The Original Traditional Karate kata syllabus include – Pinan 1-5, Naifanchi 1-3, Passai Dai/Sho, Koshokun Dai/Sho, Chinto, Gojushiho – as well as Rohai, Oyadomari no Passai, Tensho, Niseishi, and Hanashiro no Jion.

Our Modern sports-style Karate syllabus concentrates on competition karate (kata and kumite), fitness, agility, flexibility, and self-development. The Competition Kata syllabus include – Rohai, Anan, Heiku, Kosokun Sho, Suparinpei, Chatanyara Kusanku, Chinto, Matsumura Bassai, and Nipaipo.

The instructors also explain the meaning and purpose of both old and modern karate and their relationship. Their approach to karate is unique, and will continue to preserve and evolve the karate they teach.

Founder – Sensei Bob McMahon

  • 7th Dan Karate
  • Former State, National and International Kumite champion
  • Over 45 years involved in karate – training, teaching, and coaching
  • Author of karate booklets and founder of several karate internet forums
  • Former Queensland Coach

Chief Instructor – Sensei Cheyne McMahon

  • 5th Dan Karate
  • Former State, National and International Kumite champion
  • Over 30 years training in karate
  • Former State and National team member for Kumite
  • Creator of Dirty Karate

Senior Instructor – Sensei Amy McMahon

  • 5th Dan Karate
  • Former State and National Kata and Kumite champion
  • Bronze medal at WKF World Cup
  • Over 25 years training in karate
  • Former National team member

Dojo Instructors – 

  • Dennis Cruikshanks (4th Dan)
  • Peter Bateman (4th Dan)
  • Brendan Triggs (3rd Dan)
  • Alex Spencer (1st Dan)
  • Revsan Ahmetoglu (1st Dan)

Assistant Instructors 

  • Mark Beard (1st Dan)
  • Michael Colledge (1st Dan)
  • Grace Kruger (1st Dan)
  • Oscar Kawamata (1st Dan)

Branch Instructors

  • Ben Perkin (Sydney Dojo Sensei)
  • Garry Coppola (Adelaide Dojo Sensei)

Our training centres are Bright, Clean, and Family-Friendly We are proud to offer the very best and most comfortable karate experience.