Australian Karate Academy

The Australian Karate Academy was founded in Brisbane in 1989, by Bob McMahon, 7th Dan. Bob, a fully qualified PE Teacher, has trained seriously in karate since 1971, and taught at his own branch in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast from 1978 to 1987, and then in Brisbane from 1987 to the present. Today the club is run by the McMahon family, and together currently have three dojo in Australia.

The Australian Karate Academy has undergone many changes thanks to the training/research efforts of Bob and the outside instructors he has brought in to teach methods and application from various Martial Arts. The AKA is a member of the Queensland Karate Association (QKA) and the Australian Karate Federation (AKF).

The AKA train in Seito Karate Seitokukai (Original Traditional Karate) and teach both old school (grappling, joint manipulation, throws, pressure point strikes, kobudo, traditional kata) and modern day karate (sparring, sports karate, competition kata). The AKA also explains the meaning and purpose of both old and modern karate and their relationship.

Chief Instructor Sensei Bob McMahon has been teaching kids and adults karate since the early 1970’s in Queensland. He founded the Australian Karate Academy in 1989 and are currently expanding karate schools throughout Australia.

  • 7th Dan Karate
  • Former State, National and International Kumite champion
  • Over 40 years involved in karate – training, teaching, and mentoring
  • Author of karate booklets and founder of several karate internet forums
  • Former AKF Queensland Coach
Head Instructor Sensei Cheyne McMahon first started karate as a 5 year old under the tuition of his father, Bob. Cheyne has continued to train and teach for over 25 years in his chosen Martial Art.

  • 5th Dan Karate
  • Former State, National and International Kumite champion
  • Over 25 years training in karate, 15 years teaching
  • Former National team member for Kumite
  • Current Queensland State Captain and member


Our training centres are Bright, Clean, and Family-Friendly We are proud to offer the very best and most comfortable karate experience.