Our Adult Karate classes are taught in a relaxed but focused atmosphere and are geared around you getting fitter, learning effective and usable self-defense and making you feel more confident. The AKA teaches students the fundamental techniques of karate – punches, kicks, strikes, throws, joint locks, pressure point strikes, and the associated footwork. These techniques are taught precisely and practised in pre-arranged movements (kata), partner work, and sparring (kumite). All classes are conducted by experienced and qualified instructors and focused on you becoming fitter, faster, and better able to stand up for yourself in physical confrontations.

I had attended several other self defence clubs and watched AKA and was convinced that they were a professional and competent training club. What I consider most important is the professional level of control on sparring and technique that is required. I also very much enjoy the club’ training regime and the level of self defence knowledge displayed and taught. Good value for money
— Ted Turnour, 49, Owner of Engineering company, 1st Dan Black Belt

Benefits from learning Karate at the AKA include:

  • Respond effectively to physical confrontations
  • Lose weight and increase fitness
  • Stand up for yourself and loved ones
  • Meet new people with the same interests

The AKA uses a Trial Class Membership for all programs and classes to ensure that you make the right decision.
No uniform is required, just turn up and give the class a go!