I’d like to thank all that made the journey to Beerwah today. The parents for bringing their children up and supporting their efforts. Our competitors both the children and the teens and adults. And finally the officials and coaches. Poor Cheyne has to work and rarely makes a competition on Saturdays. He is always messaging me asking for results 🙂

We were well represented in the officiating with Peter Bateman, Dennis Cruickshanks, Tony Hansen and Jerry Crease. All did a splendid job and many don’t realise the pressure and stress these guys are under when engaged in such a difficult job. Thank you Gentlemen for giving up your time!

Finally the coaches, Gayleen and Julie, both had their blood pressure tested severely when kata matches and kumite bouts were close. For competitors, losing builds character and winning tests character. Both kata and kumite competition increase confidence and builds courage. I know it also tests the patience of parents when the day is long but I thought this competition was run more efficiently than others in recent history.

Although we didn’t medal as well in the kids kata section I was pleased with the improvement of the students. Rabnoor was possibly the most improved, Sharleen did well to come 3rd out of 13 competitors. A few of the Blue and white belts had a bit of a slip up in their kata, but that is just nerves and match practice will fix that. Milan came fourth out of a big field of competitors.

The males and females were together in the kata which is not usual, but still all good experience.

Lauren O’shea scored a Bronze medal in kata in the 12 – 15 yrs Novice.In the teen and adult kata division AKA was first, second and third with Hugo, Khoa and Oscar. Our over 40’s adults competed against the older teens and younger adults and were a credit to the club.

In the kumite, Rabnoor won Silver, James Pugh won Gold, and a couple won their first fight but did not of on with it. It has to be remembered that our kids in this section have moved up from novice to intermediate are are competing against more experienced competitors which is a good thing. We all start at the bottom and learn from experience. James Pugh had a great day and has turned a corner in his sparring. Others will soon follow suit..

Oscar came third in his division in the kumite, Hugo third and Khoa second in their kumite division. Mark Beard won the senior male kumite with Alex Spencer second and Mike Bingham third so AKA had the most competitors and the most medals in the older teens and adult divisions in both kata and kumite. Some of our older competitors are in their late forties and doing us proud.


Sensei Bob McMahon



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