Kyu and Black Belt Grading

On the 6th of December the AKA held our 4th Belt and Certificate ceremony at our Coorparoo Headquarters. It was a fantastic day that started… Read More

P.E Karate

This is an article written by Sensei Bob for an upcoming article in the newspaper and Martial Art magazine. What is P.E. Karate? By Bob… Read More

New Videos on the website!

There is now a video of the Kids and Adult Karate programs on the website. [youtube=] [youtube=] There will be some more filming at the… Read More

Translation of Karate

I was speaking with my father the other day about the history of the word Karate. The Kanji used for ‘Karate’ now translates as “Empty… Read More

About Kumite and Tuite

About Kumite and Tuite By Mitani Kazuya (Translated by Joe Swift from the Seitokukai Japanese language web site) I have already written on Kihon-gata and… Read More

World’s Greatest Shave

We had our first World’s Greatest Shave BBQ and, well, shave on Saturday at the dojo. Both Ted Turnour and myself had our locks shorn,… Read More

Benefits of kumite (sparring)

In a karate forum recently, someone mentioned that the kumite that we practice is play fighting, and has no real bearing on ‘real-life’ fighting. I… Read More