Sunha’s brother came to stay with the family for a couple of days which was great because his English is quite good and we are the same age. He took me to my first baseball game at the Busan Stadium. It was raining all day and was almost cancelled but they finally took the field. I don’t know much about baseball but the rules are pretty easy to follow. We watched Lotte Giants (Busan) play Hanwha Eagles (Daejon) and Busan won 7 – 2. The baseball teams are all from cities around Korea but their names are from big Korean Companies, like Samsung Lions,  Kia Tigers and LG Twins. Lotte is a Korean/Japanese company that own shopping malls, supermarkets, apartments, and just about everything else. Most people don’t realise this but Samsung actually makes cars in Korea, and they are pretty good. My father in law drives a Samsung SM5 which is top of the range in Samsung cars. Anyway the atmosphere at the game was totally different to any game I went to in Australia. First of all you can bring any kind of food and drink into the stadium with most people taking fried or marinated chicken and beer. Different shops sell their products outside the stadium – chicken, pizza, beer, soju etc. Everyone is given a pompom like handheld cheering thingy made of a newspaper, and they all sing the Lotte Giants songs during the game and in the breaks. Everyone stands up and shouts, eats, drinks, sings, screams, chants, yell – it was bloody great. I got right into it and the next time I am here I will try and get to a baseball, or even a soccer game.

Stay tuned for my experience teaching Karate on Friday!


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