The AKA held a successful grading yesterday with Sensei Bob McMahon, Cheyne McMahon, Gayleen McMahon, Peter Bateman, Julie Sparks and Tony Hansen.  Congratulations to the following-

Kindy Class Students– Bailey, Brynn, Cayden, Charlee, Coco, Harrison, Harry, Henry, Lorenzo, Oscar, Sahil, Sean and Will

Novice Kids– Alex H., Connor, Harry H., Kian, Lauren, Maddy, Ryan, Sharleen, Thomas and Tom

Intermediate Kids– Jemma, Milan, Miller, Rabnoor and Savy

Advanced Kids– Ava, Charles, Daniel, Jack, James S. and William

Adults– Alexis, Andrew, Demo, Hesh, Mel, Scott and Wendy

(* Note-some students are yet to be assessed after the school holidays, so don’t panic if your name isn’t above)


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