The focus for the Kumite class tomorrow night will be on footwork. We will be doing plenty of footwork drills to improve your reaction time, balance, forward and backward movement, and of course side to side.

Having great footwork is essential in being a great exponent of kumite. It also translates into self-defense as well. Case in point — Last week I had a hooligan run towards me while I was walking across the road. He was running along the other side, but cut towards me running full pelt! Well, I used some nifty footwork to move back and away to the left (and hands up ready to punch, block, or grab). He ran straight passed me after I yelled a few words to him. Seems he was just being a nutbag, but the footwork put me in a better position to be able to defend myself.

As you can see, footwork is king! Make sure you are there tomorrow night to learn!

Cheyne McMahon
Senior Instructor
Australian Karate Academy
Phone: 0403 350 339

“Helping you become fitter, faster, and better able to stand up for yourself”

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