I was asked this recently by a person who had seen this offer on our sign at the front of our building. They were wondering if there was a catch! I told them this- we want long term members that are informed and know what they are getting themselves into. Its a new idea for us as well, but we feel that karate as presented in the movies and on TV might be only suited to young adults with rippling muscles and extreme flexibility when it is certainly not. Most karate clubs these days have more children than adults because parents really see the benefit of their child learning how to defend themselves from harm, gain self confidence and develop self discipline.

In the Australian Karate Academy, we have been offering the parents of our child members four weeks of free lessons in what has been a win win situation. The parents learn more about karate and respect between themselves and their children develops because of the shared experience. Some parents join the club and others do not for any number of reasons but they all enjoy having a go and can offer an informed opinion and become advocates of the club and the art. The offer includes training up to three times a week if desirable.

Because of this success we have extended the offer to immediate members of their family and also to all new members to the club who are willing to ‘have a go’ without risking a cent. We have ‘Kindy’ classes for 4 – 6 years, ‘Kids’ classes from 7 – 13 years, and ‘Teens and Adult Classes’ from 14 years to mature adults. The instructors all obtain accreditation as Coaches through the Australian Karate Federation Inc. (Aust. Gov’t Recognised Body) as well as the Blue Card and First Aid and CPR accreditation. We are a private club and provide full time premises and training equipment such as proper matting, punch/kick shields and hanging bags.

We are active in competition with special classes for our TEAM AKA members and our ‘Future Legends’ development squad. We try to fit in a few social events in what is becoming a very busy world for all people and there has always been a good ‘vibe’ in the club. We are looking for new members and instructors so if this all appeals to you- give me a call personally for any details..

Bob McMahon
7th Dan Seitokukai Karate
Head of the Australian Karate Academy
0448 233556


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