The AKA had 14 students attend this Tournament on Saturday the 1st of March, 2014.  It was mainly a development squad as our main competition team was on its way to Melbourne to compete in the Victorian State Championships.  At Pomona we finished up with a second in the Intermediate Veterans Kumite, Andrew O’Brien, and a 2nd in the Advanced Veteran Kumite, Mike Bingham.  We ended up with a 2nd in the Intermediate Veteran Kata, Mike Colledge, and his daughter Jemma gained a 3rd in the 10/11 years novice kata.  Two of our young 7 year olds advanced to 4th place in the male kata Novice U 10 years, Alex Bielen, and the  Female U 10 years kata, Rabnoor Kaltra.  A lot enjoyed their first experience in karate competition and it was a great competition.


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