AKA scores 9 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals… Chris and Karleen Hannington score the double in both of their events, Gold in kata and kumite in the Advanced Male and Advanced Female respectively.  Jerry Crease also scored the double in his Over 35 yrs intermediate male kata and kumite.  Rita Kallio scores Gold in Over 35 years female intermediate Kata and Bronze in O 35 years female advanced kumite.  Evie Lukin scored a Bronze in the kata and a silver in the kumite  in the female advanced 9 -11 years event.  Although Chris McCarthy didn’t medal he put in a good effort in both his intermediate boys 9 – 11 years kata and kumite events.  Veikka Kallio won his first Gold Medal in the intermediate boys and girls U 9 years kata with Will Lukin a close second.  Zayne Hannington won Gold in the kumite division of the same event.  Congratulations to all..  Great Work!


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