AKA karate students are taught to respect their fellow human beings and to be respectful and courteous to all. This in itself is a part of true self-defense. The AKA Self Defense program for children is designed to keep kids safer in their normal environment. The focus is on the philosophy that karate should be used as a last resort and that a karate adept never initiates trouble. Although we teach kids how to punch, kick and defend strongly, we also teach verbal skills and strategies to avoid having to use the skills learned.

We came and watched a session and thought it looked good. The boys have really benefited from training. I think it has helped them with a sense of discipline and commitment. The youngest says it makes a big difference to be able to say that you are a black belt – there’s is credibility that goes with that. The eldest says he likes it because it’s good exercise. The boys feel at home there after so long. My boys are very proud that they have trained to the point of becoming black belts. They joined the dojo when they were 5 and 7 – so they’ve pretty much grown up there! They want to keep training!
— Rachael Field, Law Professor, Mother of Hugo & Oscar, both 1st Dan Black Belt

Unfortunately in our view, verbal skills to diffuse confrontations and just walking away are not always enough. Being a parent myself, and teaching hundreds of kids over 4 decades, in my experience, children that know how to defend themselves are rarely selected as victims. You should feel a lot easier knowing that your child has gained an education in how to protect themselves when there are no other options available.

In earlier times the best education was always the “Sword and the Pen”… meaning a balance of both mental and physical skills to enjoy a better life.

The AKA use a Trial Class Membership for all programs and classes to ensure that you make the right decision.
No uniform is required, just turn up and give the class a go!