The kumite class tonight is going to be a corker!

In the first half of the class we are going to focus on moving and throwing fake techniques.

The second half of the class we are going to simulate competition matches – full rules, timing, flags, belts, referees, judges – the whole 10 yard (10 is better than 9 😛 )

I’ve done it again!

I’ve created some new drills, combinations, and ideas to get you in the best shape of your life!

Make sure you check out our Cardio-Karate class tonight at 6:15pm!

Don’t forget that it’s only $10 a lesson, so hope to see you there tonight.

Best regards,

Cheyne McMahon
Senior Instructor
Australian Karate Academy
Phone: 0403 350 339
“Helping you become fitter, faster, and better able to stand up for yourself”
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