On the 6th of December the AKA held our 4th Belt and Certificate ceremony at our Coorparoo Headquarters. It was a fantastic day that started at 3pm, and saw kids and adults gaining their next grade. Congratulations to the following people –

White to Red Belt: Joanna Bach, Sam Atkinson, Luca Scgolio, Emma Turnour, Justin Toth, Brett Payne,

Red to Yellow Belt: Max Dang, Maddy Graham, Hudson Rogers, Ella Williams, Lisa McLachlan

Yellow to Orange Belt: James O’Rourke, Liam O’Rourke, Emily Norton, Alex Warren, Tamika Martin, Jamaica McNamara

Orange to Green Belt: Ben Kruger, Grace Kruger, Flynn Ballantyne, Khao Nguyen, Brody Martin, Eliaz Simon, Ashley Powers, Michelle Perry, Steve Walker, Ola Rinta-Koski, Eddie Horrigan

Green to Blue Belt: Rory Day, Winston Jaa-Kwee, Oliver Bernal, Marcus Rehbok, Joey Stephens, Sohpia Hunter, Ben Bach, Oliver Morris

Blue to Purple Belt: Gil Kapul, Calvin Tan, Anthea Bach, Clare Bach

Purple to Brown 1: Bridget Best, Liam Martinez-Benett,

Brown 1 to Brown 2: Kayla Vamvakaris

The AKA also held our 2nd Dan Grading for the year on the same day. The Black Belt grading started at 4:30pm with Adults completing an exam prior to warming up. Congratulations to everyone who passed, and I was extremely impressed with the written essays submitted by our Yudansha-Kai (Black Belt Club).

Well done to –

Shodan (1st Dan): Deb Kilcullen, Milos Djurkovic, Daniel Ingledew, Zac Hansen

Nidan (2nd Dan): Ben Walsh, Fiona Robertson

Sandan (3rd Dan): Lionel Wyland


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