The Australian Karate Federation Inc (AKF) is firmly convinced that the World Body (WKF) is in with its best chance yet of being accepted as an Olympic Sport in 2020.  Cheyne and I have decided that we will train our junior students with a view towards having an opportunity to compete for Australia at the highest level in sport, i.e. the Olympics, should we have students with those ambitions.


Its no secret that we are continually raising our standards and amending our syllabus with an eye to the future.  Our initial goals are to aim for better competitor performances and motivating our students towards seeking new personal bests (PBs) in State and National AKF competitions.  The end goal will be to develop a pathway for AKA students that leads to selection into the Australian Team for Oceania and World Championships.  We will never abandon our belief in developing students on a platform of self-defence first and foremost, but there is also a need to strive for excellence in the sporting aspects of karate for those that wish to take that route.

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