Good News: The parking lot out the front and the driveway next to the dojo will be fully cemented as of Monday. They will be digging it all up and re-laying concrete, which will be great for parking (and you won’t lose your car in one of the holes), and no more dust and dirt coming into the dojo. They are apparently looking at putting in a fence at the front as well, but I think that will be down the track.

Bad News: You won’t be able to enter the parking lot the front as of Monday. There will be some parking out the back, and on Holdsworth Street, and I think along the sides of the dojo. Parents, please make sure your kids wear shoes to and from the dojo as there may be some old plumbing material scattered around the back.

This will be a minor annoyance for a couple of weeks, but in the long run it will be much better for everyone.

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