Cheyne’s trip to Korea Pt 3

I finally heard back from my Korean Karate friend, Sangsoo. He organised for the Korean Karate Federation ( and myself to have a brief chat… Read More

P.E Karate

This is an article written by Sensei Bob for an upcoming article in the newspaper and Martial Art magazine. What is P.E. Karate? By Bob… Read More

New Videos on the website!

There is now a video of the Kids and Adult Karate programs on the website. [youtube=] [youtube=] There will be some more filming at the… Read More


The first lesson learned in self-defense is the importance of being polite and well mannered. Physical confrontation can be easily avoided through extending common courtesy… Read More

Rank Testing in Karate

One of the great benefits members discover in karate is the development of goal setting skills. Karate’s ranking structure is very well suited for learning… Read More

Translation of Karate

I was speaking with my father the other day about the history of the word Karate. The Kanji used for ‘Karate’ now translates as “Empty… Read More