What a great day it was yesterday for our 3rd Belt and
Certificate Presentation and Demonstration event.

Congratulations to those who are one belt closer
to reaching Black Belt!

White to Red (9th Kyu)  Red Belts
Ella Williams
Toby Prineas
Max Dang
Tobey Bernal
William Whitlcok
Leo Kamberovic
Tobey Masterson
John Ternorden
Mike Bingham
Ben Flintoff

Red to Yellow (8th Kyu)
Liam O’Rourke
Jamaica McNamara
Tamika Martin
Kai Simmons
Emily Norton
Peter Vaughn
Alex Warren

Yellow to Orange (7th Kyu)
Flynn Ballantyne
Elias Simon
Ben Kruger
Grace Kruger
Khao Nguyen
Brody Martin
Liam McMahon
Steve Walker
Eddie Horrigan
Ola Rinta-Koski
Michelle Perry
Ashley Powers

Orange to Green (6th Kyu)
Ben Bach
Oliver Morris

Green to Blue (5th Kyu)
Gil Kapul
Lily Steel
Calvin Tan
Clare Bach
Anthea Bach

Blue to Purple (4th Kyu)
Bridgette Best
Nick Bottger
Bradley Hunter
Brendan Wallis
Laurence McKinless
Amanda King

Purple to Brown (1st Kyu)
Liam Prineas
Ben Chua

3rd Brown to 2nd Brown (2nd Kyu)

Rosco Comerford
Ton Ha
Katherin Kohl

2nd Brown to 1st Brown (1st Kyu)

Tony Hansen

Best regards,

Cheyne McMahon

Senior Instructor
Australian Karate Academy
Phone: 0403 350 339
Email: cheyne@aka.com.au
Website: www.aka.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5171828269&ref=m

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