Sorry this write up is overdue but I’ve been away travelling through Victoria with Gayleen for a short holiday after the National AKF Titles in Melbourne from the 3rd to the 5th of August 2012.  It sure was an eye-opener to see the best of the AKF from around Australia.  Cheyne and I were both long term competitors (and coach and referee for me) but due to some political issues, including a split into two separate groups, we have not been involved for over 10 years.

The competition standard has been raised since we were there in both kata and kumite within the top level AKF athletes but techniques and kata are mostly still what we know and do.  What I observed was that being away from more intense competition means that our competitors are not being pushed beyond their boundaries.  Also as virtual ‘unknowns’, its difficult for referees to anticipate our scoring techniques and become familiar with our method of presenting our kata.  These are not excuses as we have some catching up to do.

Cheyne and I also agreed that we would be happy to win a couple of medals this time, which we did, although prospects were looking a bit grim there for a while.  Khoa Nguyen did well to gain a Bronze in his weight division in the 14/15 years BB kumite.  Chris Hannington fought well to pick up the Bronze in his weight division in the Adult BB men Hugo, Karleen  and Cheyne did well but did not win a medal in their respective kumite divisions.  Hugo and Cheyne performed their kata extremely well but will be better off next time with a better idea of the demands of the competition.

Chris and Cheyne were called up to compete in the Open Weight BB Kumite and grabbed the opportunity by the throat and really put in.  Chris lost his first bout but fought well.  Cheyne won his first bout cleanly and actually defeated an Australian Team Member who also happened to be the winner of Cheyne’s weight division in 2011.  Cheyne lost his second match to a fighter who had won a Bronze medal recently in a World Competition but he still impressed the QLD coaches who put him into the QLD Men’s Team.  Chris was also picked in the Team but ended up as a reserve.  

Unfortunately in the team match, Cheyne was matched with the fighter that had defeated him in the Open and despite nearly tying with him in the dying stages was beaten.  The Team won a Bronze so Cheyne walked away from the Competition with a medal.  I’ll have to confirm whether or not Chris and Hugo were presented with Bronze medals as is the custom if one is a reserve for a team that won a medal.  So with 500 competitors or so, consisting of Australia’s best, our TEAM AKA has done us proud and deserve our congratulations and a well done from all of us!

Team AKA medal tally

  • Khoa Nguyen – 3rd place 14/15 years male under 52kg kumite
  • Chris Hannington – 3rd place male 75 – 84kg kumite
  • Cheyne McMahon – 3rd place male team kumite
  • Chris Hannington – 3rd place male team kumite (reserve)
  • Hugo Kawamata – 3rd place boys team kumite (reserve) 

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