It has been a while since I last wrote an entry, and a lot has happened!

We were planning on spending a week in Indonesia, but decided to spend only four days instead. I personally didn’t really enjoy my time there, and most likely due to a bad first impression. I would be keen to go back at some stage, but probably not to the same area we were in.

Anyway we headed off to Phuket instead, and spend a couple of days there and then off to Ph5 Phi island for a few days. The bride thought it would be nice if we stayed at a remote area, away from the youngins and their constant drinking and partying. I was keen as well until she said the place had no electricity, no hot water, and nothing to do! Well, that wasn’t exactly what I was after but as she had already booked and paid for the experience, we had to go! It was nice, but seriously no electricity until 6pm, and then only until 8pm. And then it was dark….really dark. You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. We were asleep at 9pm every night! We did spend a couple of hours at monkey beach where little monkeys roamed the island and got fed bananas from passing tourists.

Anyway we came back to Phuket and stayed at a cheap place before we stayed at a 3 Bedroom Pool Villa – Outrigger Laguna Phuket. It was a massive 2 storey 3 bedroom Villa with our own pool. Ahhh the life!

We are in Ho Chi Minh city at the moment for the next couple of days. We are planning on doing a tour down the Mekong river. Can’t wait!

Too bad about the Melbourne Storm, and Tony Hansen if you are reading this – sucked in!

Until next time!


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