Well I am finally home after 3 1/2 weeks traveling through South East Asia. I had a great time, but I am more than happy to be home. I will miss paying $3 for a big plate of noodles, $0.50 for alitre of water, and the water. However I won’t miss having to haggle for taxi fare’s, the lack of suitable bathroom facilities, and the small spaces!

The last week was spent in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam and Langkawi in Malaysia. Vietnam was really fun, and I really enjoyed the Pho, white rice noodles. I also loved the ice coffee with condensed milk. We checked out a few different markets, and the Cu Chi tunnels. Vietnam was intersting in that they block facebook on the internet, and have speakers in the middle of roads that sprout propaganda.

We spent the last couple of days at a resort complex in Langkawi, Malaysia. The place is really beautiful, and is an island about 30 minutes from mainland. We organised to go on a sunset tour on a yacht that included a net where you could sit in the ocean while the yacht sailed around. It was great fun, and chance would have it everyone else on that tour were Aussies! The next day I was snorkeling and checking out the different fish and baby sharks. Even though they were only babies, they could still take a finger off!

The flight back was tough as everyone was super tired from the long journey. But, I am back and revved to get back to training on Tuesday! Bring it on!

Cheyne McMahon

Senior Instructor

Australian Karate Academy



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