Congratulations to all members that competed, coached, judged and attended the event to support the Academy.  The AKA had the most students entered and may have come away with the biggest medal hall. Tony Hansen and Jeremy Creese enjoyed their first opportunity to both judge and referee at an actual tournament on the day.  Instructors Cheyne, Gayleen and Bob McMahon and Julie Sparks coached. With a lot of first timers competing in the younger age events, and some with just one tournament under their belt, there were some great performances.  Our experienced students did very well indeed with Grace Kruger winning both her Kata and Kumite events and Hugo winning the Black Belt section of the John Halpin ‘Special Kata Competition’ and both Kumite in the Male Open and his age Division in the Junior Kata. Special mention to Harry Hillman (8 years), Daniel Perez, Chris Wilson and Ava Deag (9 yrs) , Alex Rowe (10 yrs), and William Whitlock (11 yrs) .  All tried very hard and put in a solid effort.  Scott Fisher ( Green Belt was in with the Brown and Black Belts) did remarkably well in the Kumite in his first ever competition.  Results were-

Sharleen Sraon (7 yrs) – Gold in Kata.
Charles Hodgonson-Day (7 yrs)- Silver in Kata and Kumite
Rabnoor Kalra (7 yrs)- Silver in Kumite
Miller McMahon (7 yrs)- Bronze in Kumite

Milan Kankanwadi (8 yrs)- Bronze in Kata
Jack Evans- (8 yrs)- Bronze in Kata and Kumite
Cameron Middleton (8 yrs)- Bronze in Kata
James Pugh (8 yrs)- Gold in Kata
James Stanley (8 yrs)- Silver in Kumite

Savy Singh (9 yrs)- Gold in Kata

Jemma Colledge (10 – 11 yrs) Bronze in Kata
Hudson Denning (10 – 11 yrs) Gold in Kumite

Oscar Kawamoto (13 – 15 yrs) Silver in Kata and Silver in Kumite

Grace Kruger (14/15 yrs) Gold in Kata and Kumite
Heshala Watupuluwa (14/15 yrs) Bronze in Kata

Khoa Nguyen (14 – 17 yrs) Silver in Kata and Bronze in Kumite; Silver in JHMT Special Kata (Black Belts)
Hugo Kawamata (14 – 17 yrs) Gold in Kata, (Adult Male) Gold in Kumite; Gold in JHMT Special Kata (Black Belts)

Wendy Evans (Way over 35 yrs) Equal Gold in Kata
Brad Bowes (over 35 yrs) Gold in Kata; Gold in JHMT Special Kata (Green Belts)
Mike Bingham (Male over 35 yrs Kyu) Bronze in Kumite
Jeremy Creese (Male O35 yrs Kyu) Bronze in Kata
Andrew O’Brien (Male O 35 yrs Kyu) Silver in Kata and Silver in Kumite
Andrew Pegg (Male Open) Silver in Kumite



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