Congratulations to Will St. Baker and Grace Kruger for passing their Shodan (1st Dan) Black Belt test today. In all 4o members of the junior and senior ranks attempted higher gradings and parents and partners were there to share in all the excitement.  Our young Kindy Karate members led the way and wave after wave of coloured belt students displayed their abilities, finishing with the Black Belt gradings.

Members of the QLD Karate Squad demonstrated their winning kata as well and all thoroughly enjoyed the experience..  Hugo and Oscar Kawamoto, Kiarra Sawynok, Khoa Nguyen, Will St. Baker, Grace Kruger and Sensei Cheyne McMahon are our representatives in the  Queensland Karate Association State Team.  Cheyne and I are very proud of all the instructors and students for their continued effort in the study of Traditional Karate..


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