Why Our Students Chose Us, And Keep On Coming Back!

It was absolutely fantastic, thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to Monday’s session.”
— Stacey, 23, Retail Sales, New Student

My boy started the Kids Karate program yesterday. I was very impressed with the class for Matthew. The instructors have left a very positive impression on him. He has woken up this morning, asking if he can go again today!

— Emma, Mother of 6 year old Matthew

Training was fantastic tonight. I am so glad that I went. I’ll be back next Monday night and learn some more.
The instructors are very patient and I appreciated that. Thank you.

— Angela, 40, Police Officer, New Student

I was looking for a club with a friendly, non threatening feel. On my first night Sensei Bob and the students made me feel so welcome, everyone was very friendly and I had so much fun – I was hooked! I think I have a bit more confidence.
I also get a thrill out of learning karate because it is something I would never have imagined myself doing. I hope to be still learning karate when I’m old and grey.
The AKA is such a welcoming club – I admire, respect and like the teachers and the other students. I really look forward to coming to class – it’s so much fun and I love learning karate.
— Deb Kilcullen, 32, Child Welfare Officer, 1st Dan Black Belt

I had attended several other self defence clubs and watched AKA and was convinced that they were a professional and competent training club. What I consider most important is the professional level of control on sparring and technique that is required. I also very much enjoy the club’ training regime and the level of self defence knowledge displayed and taught. Good value for money.
— Ted Turnour, 49, Owner of Engineering company, 1st Dan Black Belt

We came and watched a session and thought it looked good. The boys have really benefited from training. I think it has helped them with a sense of discipline and commitment. The youngest says it makes a big difference to be able to say that you are a black belt – there’s is credibility that goes with that. The eldest says he likes it because it’s good exercise. The boys feel at home there after so long. My boys are very proud that they have trained to the point of becoming black belts. They joined the dojo when they were 5 and 7 – so they’ve pretty much grown up there! They want to keep training!
— Rachael Field, Law Professor, Mother of Hugo 15 & Oscar 13, both 1st Dan Black Belt

Friendly people & training environment was portrayed to me upon my first 2 visits to the Dojo (to watch), as well as the experience of the instructors and the fact that the AKA is one of the few that offer a full time Dojo. It made me realize how unfit I was when I first started, therefore prompting me to try and live a healthier lifestyle, as well as giving me something to look forward to a few nights a week after work, away from the usual routine.
I like the semi relaxed environment & way of teaching unlike some other military style ways of teaching which I remember as a child, and still here rumors of. I think Karate is a great way of instilling confidence in ones self, child or adult. For that reason I will be trying to get both my children to take an interest in Karate when they are a little older. Alongside that, in todays ever increasingly violent society perhaps the self defense aspect of Karate which we learn will come of use one day.
— Ross Comerford, 31, Engineer Manager, 3rd Kyu Brown Belt

The AKA has a really friendly atmosphere, great instructors and fellow students, and a high level of karate taught and performed. The training has also improved my fitness, confidence and interest in martial arts. I stayed because of the professional teaching, friendly and non-threatening environment and instructors, non-pushy attitude of club. Exciting, serious but fun, can be hard at times but rewarding. Thoroughly enjoy training here.
— Vincent Chan, 29, Pharmacist, 1st Dan Black Belt