We’ve held our first trial league last Sunday at Wavell Heights with 40 junior competitors from 6 – 15 years of age.  We invited a handful of clubs to keep it small and more manageable for our first run.  Like all trials we were faced with a few challenges but all were met and overcome.  We expected to be short on officials and volunteers but everyone pitched in and pulled together to make it a great day.  We have had a new draw program developed and there was a network problem on the day in linking to the printer.  Despite all of this, we started and finished on time.
The competitors were able to have around 2 to 3 kata matches and between 3 and 5 kumite matches.  This was ideal as the inexperienced often lose in the first round of a tournament and only gain experience slowly.  The standards were lifting with each match and with no place getters or medals, the pressure was not as intense.  We have had very good feedback and seek to hold another in March.
We are also aware of other tournaments being held, such as the Sunshine Coast Titles this Sunday, and the JKAWF Regional tournament the following Saturday, the 2nd of March.  Most of us have students in both and will be sending competitors to the Summer Championships later in March.  The organisers of the League still feel that students are aiming for the QKA State Titles, and instructors are keen to progress their developing competitors.  The common problem shared by most, if not all clubs, is the lack of a large pool of competitors in various divisions in their own dojo.  The League can be utilised as a very good training tool for both high level and developing competitors.
The league is held at the Seikukan Dojo in Cressey St., Wavell Heights as it is an excellent venue with mats already set up and plenty of space and parking.  Please reply as soon as you can so we can begin planning the next trial.  The event runs for a maximum of 4 hours and everything is set up for the competition to begin and end on time.
Bob McMahon


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