I was recently having a discussion with a fellow karate instructor about how he teaches and what he teaches. More or less this is how his class (and most karate clubs) goes –

kihon:  30 minutes

combinations/line drills: 20 minutes

Kata: 15 minutes

Kumite: 15minutes

So basically that is about an hour and a half schedule that they do most training days. Does this training regime sound familiar? What a time waster!

The kihon (basics) practised in most dojo is modern kata kihon. The blocks, punches, kicks, stances, twists, pivots, and anything else practised in basics can be found in modern kata. By practising kihon moving forward or on the spot is a time filler. A wasted amount of energy that could be used in a much better, and more productive way. Why not practise the kata if you want to work on the kihon? Pick a section out of the kata and work on that!

Now the second problem I see with this training schedule is the combinations/line drills. After asking further questions, the combinations he was referring to was making up combinations and getting students to practise them moving forward and backward. For example – Upward block, outside block, reverse punch. Knife hand block, backfist, Front fist. Absolutely useless! Again, the kihon that is practised is for kata! Why practise more kata kihon by itself? Pick a kata and practise the bloody moves! Pick a section out of the kata and work on that!

Less is more.

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