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Brendan D Shegog

Since joining the Australia Karate Academy over a year ago I have made many new friends and enjoyied getting fit while learning self defence. Cheyne McMahon not only teaches you the art of karate and the skills to defend yourself, he will also take you on a journey that educates you in its history and makes you feel like part of a family. I have practiced martial arts and boxing for many years, and I have never met a group of people so welcoming, non confrontational and dedicated to training. This all stems from Cheyne’s passion for teaching and the joy that he gets personally from watching his students progress in their training and improve in their fitness, confidence and self esteem. Since I have joined, my two young sons are wanting to train as well. The dojo caters for all age groups and all levels of ability, so whether you are an absolute beginner, or someone who has trained previously, Cheyne and his fellow instructors will always make you feel welcome. In all of my years of training at various clubs I have never witnessed such a high retention rate. This is a testament to both Cheyne’s ability as an instructor, and also his passion for helping people. The Australian Karate Academy is a must for anyone wanting to explore the fascinating world of Karate and enjoying a learning experience in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment.

Andrew O’Brien

Cheyne McMahon, like his father Bob before him, provides a top quality training environment for learning karate for both children and adults. Clubs like theirs make our communities better.

With experienced instructors it is the ideal place to take your first step into the fascinating world of karate and martial arts in general. Come along and give it a try, by yourself, with a friend/s or with your family. You won’t just learn techniques they also teach some of the interesting history of karate and martial arts.

Hope to see you there.

Serene McCormack

I’ve trained with AKA for three and a half years, and I’ve learned a lot: commitment; focus; the importance of regular training; a holistic understanding of self-defense. I’ve had multiple instructors, all of them knowledgeable and motivating. I can think of no better pursuit than martial arts for developing both the body and the mind, and this is the place to do it.

Steven McCormack

Joining the AKA 3 years ago with my then 14 year old daughter has brought so many benefits to both our lives. I’ve trained off and on since I was 10 (mostly off!). I am delighted, and a bit surprised, that my daughter has embraced her own karate journey. The McMahon family have established a very well balanced, family-oriented, yet competitive club, built on the purposeful study of traditional and modern practices. It is not unusual to see three generations of their family at training. The range of class types, and teaching method have made it easy to stay motivated. I highly recommend.

Scott McDowell

Australian Karate Academy (AKA) provides an excellent place to train and learn about Karate. Many aspects are covered from basics, Kata, Kumite (sparring) as well as history and weapons.

I would recommend AKA to new or experienced Karate students.

Dennis Cruickshanks

I have been a member of this club for a long time and I have enjoyed my time here immensely. The quality of instruction from Cheyne is terrific. It is a great group to train with an and outstanding culture. Fantastic and practical training. I highly recommend this club to anyone of any age wishing to learn martial arts or self defense.

Katrina Perez

My eldest child has been training with AKA for 7 years and now my younger child has joined the Club to train. Karate has taught my children discipline, patience and has given them great confidence and inner strength. Cheyne and Amy provide a fun and safe environment and the kids love training with them and have a great level of respect for them. I have no hesitation in recommending this Club to anyone interested in learning karate.

Scott Fisher

Amazing and knowledgeable instructors, very friendly atmosphere, just an overall joy to train here. Highly recommend it to anyone thinking of starting or returning to Karate.

Ben Perkin

This is without a doubt the finest karate school I have experienced in my 30+ years of training. Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and understand the difference between karate for self-defence, competition and culture/tradition. Unhesitatingly recommended.

Cesar B

Great place to train, make friends and learn real life self defence, the chief instructor Cheyne is a great mentor who spends time with each student making sure they are progressing like they should.

Lauren O

I always look forward to training at the AKA. I learn lots, improve my karate and am always kept safe. It’s a great group to be a part of, and I’m glad I joined. The last five years have been awesome!

James Moore

Got really turned off Karate from experiences at another undisclosed Karate “club”. So it was really refreshing to come into a Dojo! that showed me that Karate can be fun, and there really is a lot to learn.

Alina Xinyi

AKA offers highly professional and inclusive training catering to all ages and level of fitness. Family friendly classes that encourages the whole family to join in! I’d highly recommend everyone to check it out!


The friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic senseis at this dojo and the overall fun and motivating atmosphere make this a great place to train.

So no matter your age, come join the Australian Karate Academy to have fun, get a great workout, learn some self defence, and get some impromptu lectures on the history of karate.

Derrick Cashin

Great for anyone looking to get fit in an incredibly interesting and goal orientated way. If you have any interest in physical improvement, Sensei Cheyne is worth contacting.

Mark West

We started with AKA nearly 4 years ago after being part of a few Karate clubs before this one. Our instructor has helped my son reach state and national level in competitions. Sensei Cheyne has been a great mentor and coach. I would recommend AKA to anybody that is considering martial arts.

Matt Whitlock

My eldest son has attended AKA for 10 years now. We reviewed and visited a number of clubs before deciding on AKA – it was the right decision.It’s been great to watch him grow and develop as he’s progressed through his belts and has now been a Black Belt for about 2 years.

Now that he’s in the adult classes, it has also given me the chance to train with Sensai Cheyne and the instructor team he has put together. It was an excellent decision and I enjoy the challenge of learning something new and pushing myself. I now feel bad when I miss a training session and would train 4 times a week if I had the time!

Amanda Pics

Having wanted to take up karate for as long as I could remember, I began taking classes (at a slightly more mature age) with the ACA 12mths ago. Sensei Cheyne and his fellow instructors passion and enthusiasm for sharing all aspects of karate has seen me thoroughly enjoy training and advancing belts whilst improving my fitness and confidence on a personal level. I highly recommend the ACA and look forward to introducing my 6yo son to classes in the new year.

Alex Spencer

A fantastic environment to learn all about the many different aspects of Karate, with great instructors for kids and adults alike. I love being a part of this club.

Graham Cameron

My son loves the Instructors, very patient and understanding. Continually exceeding expectations.

Mike Palmer

Things I love about this place
. Never met a teacher with such a love and knowledge of karate hHistory
. So widely respected that open workshops have students and teachers from lots of other styles and dojo.
. Not a punishment training regime.
.More support.
. More sharing of understanding

.. Cheyne is a great teacher, coach.

Angela Trevethan

Our son started Karate 3 years ago & thanks to AKA he absolutely loves it! Couldn’t have wished for a better club. Thanks AKA!! You will be seeing us for many years to come!

Aidan Lamberth

Australian Karate Academy are very friendly and professional and great with kids. My son loves going to class every week to learn and improve his techniques.

Mark Beard

I was doing the rounds of the martial arts clubs in my area to decide which one was for me when I dropped into this Karate club. I searched no more, that was 7 years ago and Ive been with the club ever since.

Karleen Hannington

Great club with great values and awesome instructors!!!

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