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Great Results for Emerging Team AKA


On Sunday 11th of October, the AKA took a small team of coloured belts to the Queensland School Championships in Nambour. This was a different competition to most other tournaments as the students represented their Primary or High School rather than their karate club.

Although we didn’t have any of our Black Belt stars competing, we were still good enough to win 3 Silver Medals, and 4 Bronze Medals in both Kata and Kumite. 

We are very pleased with the progress of our Emerging Team AKA, as they are technically sound in their techniques but lacking in polish and competition experience. 

There will be a few more tournaments this year which will give the Emerging Team AKA more ‘on the mat’ experience to turn them into our next superstars!

A big thank you to Sensei Bob and Gayleen McMahon for coaching and leading our little warriors.


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