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Karate – the original MMA!


When most people think of Karate they think of breaking boards, static punches, and wax on wax off. Well, there is more to Karate than that!

At the AKA we have had major success in competition karate over many years with students winning State, National and International medals, but in our Teen and Adult classes we have also maintained our focus on the “old-style” karate.

There are not only kicks and punches in karate, there are also elbow strikes, knees, open palm strikes, head butts, biting, gouging, grappling, joint strikes & joint manipulation, throws, sweeps, pressure point gouges & strikes –  in fact they are all there in plain sight in kata!

Way before UFC, Pride, or Bellator, there was a tiny island off the coast of Japan that already mastered MMA. Finding a teacher to unlock the kata is the hardest part.

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