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Kindy Karate

Discover How Your Child Can Increase Confidence, Build Coordination, And Have Fun! 

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Our Kindy Karate Program

The AKA Kindy Karate program is a unique class just for Kindy and Preschool kids ages 3 – 4 years. The classes are designed to teach your child the fundamental techniques of Karate in a fun but structured way. The program has a separate grading system and syllabus designed to cover everything in the regular Kids Karate syllabus, but at a slower and more comprehensive rate.

Kindy Karate Benefits

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination
Improves Concentration

Builds a positive attitude
Develops Confidence
Develops Social Skills
The AKA use a Trial Class Membership for all programs and classes to ensure that you make the right decision. 

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I always look forward to training at the AKA. I learn lots, improve my karate and am always kept safe. It’s a great group to be a part of, and I’m glad I joined. The last five years have been awesome!
Lauren O
Got really turned off Karate from experiences at another undisclosed Karate “club”. So it was really refreshing to come into a Dojo! that showed me that Karate can be fun, and there really is a lot to learn.
James Moore
AKA offers highly professional and inclusive training catering to all ages and level of fitness. Family friendly classes that encourages the whole family to join in! I’d highly recommend everyone to check it out!
Alina Xinyi
No matter your age, come join the Australian Karate Academy to have fun, get a great workout, learn some self defence, and get some impromptu lectures on the history of karate.